Private Crypto Fund

Chachi Fund is a private fund investing in companies, liquid tokens, and services in the web3 sector. We are driven by passion and beliefs in values represented by companies that we invested in.


Our primary focus areas are privacy, security, transfer data and value through innovation e.g. Zero Knowledge Proofs solutions.

We want our projects to change existing standards and improve the quality of service for their customers by providing real value through technology.

Thesis and values

Our thesis is based on the belief in the future of decentralized solutions for the entire global economy. By deploying multiple web3 solutions, we can reduce costs on an unprecedented scale and restore privacy and control over our data. We are also aware of the significant number of projects in the market that do not add any value, despite huge valuations.

We see this as an opportunity to create and recapitalize companies that will remain in the market for years, regardless of market conditions or valuation based on liquid tokens.

With hands-on experience and knowledge of the web3 market in our team, we are confident that our impact through investments and presence will positively affect the entire industry in the coming years.